How to Choose the Best Font for your Labeled Water Bottles

October 2, 2018
How to Choose the Best Font for your Labeled Water Bottles

Custom labels have several quintessential components. The name of the brand or the trademark, any slogan or caption, the color of the label, whether it should be completely opaque or translucent, if there would be multiple hues and some fascinating design elements along with some other aspects would have to be in focus.

Another important attribute for labeled water bottles is the font. Whether you are going for a custom label that has been designed from scratch or you choose a conventional design and print the information relevant to your business on the label, you must choose the best font.

Font is of course integral to legibility. You want the information on labeled water bottles to be clearly visible, coherent and legible. You would want the trademark or brand name to be displayed in all its glory. The right font does make your labeled water bottles get noticed and also distinguishable from the rest.

labeled water bottles

However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Fonts actually influence buying decisions of customers. Even if you are supplying your labeled water bottles to private parties and select events or operating through procurement agencies, the fonts would still have a bearing on decision making and the end consumer will form a perception about your brand.

Traditional wisdom says that formal fonts are more presentable to a mature audience while informal fonts are fun for the youth. This also applies to different kinds of products, based on what they are and what the brands try to get associated with. Labeled water bottles need not be too serious with the choice of fonts but they shouldn’t be outrageous either.

There has to be a fine balance and this must be determined by the company based on its approach to branding. Some companies want to present their labeled water bottles as premium products. Some would simply make the bottles look funky. Some companies may not have any such specific preference and might be open to ideas.

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Explore the different types of fonts you can choose from, not specific ones but the styles. Compare script fonts with retro fonts, curly fonts with handwriting fonts, serif and san serif fonts with all the rest and figure out which type will be more suited for your labeled water bottles.

Each of these categories has a plethora of fonts so do not presume the entire style to be reflected by just one or two. You can also personalize a chosen font, with not just italic or bold but also the use of shadows, colors and silhouettes among others.